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My Yoga Story - Nguyen Thi Thanh Truc

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I - the single woman - 35-year-old, I came to yoga two years ago as a grace, when the work was too much pressure, too much unhappiness, negative thoughts stay around in mind. In the most deadlock, I chose yoga because I wanted my mind to be precious. And then yoga has helped me tremendously, overcome the stresses of life, the harsh competition in the work environment and the unhappy I can not share with anyone.



These are the days I just want to finish work to get to the class, where I sweat because of the exercises from easy to difficult as basic, astanga, balance, wheel, power ... And Yoga not only helps me have a balanced body but also helps me to have more friends, brothers, sisters, friends, children, who share a passion for Yoga.



After each practice session, we discussed the posture, breathing, or share the joys of the day. And there I met him - sincere and deep affection like my love for Yoga. But maybe my grace to him is like a bubble, it's fragile and shattered when I grip.

Every day, little by little, I was able to conquer the difficult poses of Yoga, but with him - a fractious horse - I was small and unable to conquer, I let go.



And again, Yoga has helped me through these difficult times, love Yoga, Yoga as an addictive for life, and my Yoga story still continue every day, difficult postures are waiting for me to conquer. Just a little confession when I know about this contest and I want to record this for Yoga and for him.



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