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My Yoga Story - Nguyen Thi Sum

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By the age of 60, people become slow, the health isn't good as before, the body is full of disease. I was no exception. At age 62, I often have joint pain, up and down the stairs very difficultly, sitting down to stand up must base on something, when standing or sitting for a long time, I have spinal pain, especially when sitting behind the motorcycle, when the shock, back is very hurt.



A close friend of my husband is a doctor, he advised me to practice Yoga. That was the first time I knew of Yoga - a friend that would probably stick with me for the rest of my life.

Initially, from Go Vap, my husband had to take me to Traditional Medicine Hospital to practice Yoga so it was very inconvenient.

Accidently, had a close friend asking me to practice yoga with everybody. The venue is the hall of ward committee, the time is a lunch break, so some days is the hall is busy, some days is a teacher be busy, some days is rain, and Saturday, Sunday are not training. There are weeks I did not practice so does not achieve effectively  …



Then, my daughter bought me a 1-year package at Vyoga World. I am so moved and excited. The center is close to home so whether rain or windy Sunday to charity, I am all arranged to not take any break. At the center, in addition to yoga, I can use the running machine, dance, and steam. Thanks to practicing yoga frequently, symptoms above have completely disappeared. Everyone complimented me for being healthy, my health is improved very much. My husband a frequently acupressure for me to reduce pain, now have to "unemployment".



I don’t know how are you, but I really love yoga. Not only helps me improve my health, but also my spirit is precious, my body is also neat, yoga also brings me, good friends. I really want to send sincere thanks to all the teachers, as well as the staff at the center. We hope that our yoga family will be healthy, happy and successful.


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