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My Yoga Story - Nguyen Thi My Hanh

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I am passionate about my work, almost all my time spent on office work and less interested in other activities. Then one day, I suffered from back pain, knee pain, I could not sit and move agilely. I feel sad and stressed.


Many of my colleagues advised me to do yoga, but I think that those movements are more likely to hurt. I went to the hospital, the doctor assigned me to take MRI, and said that I had a herniated disc and degenerated knee, the doctor gave me medicine. Using medicine in three months, I lower back pain and knee joints but when not using medicine, I pain again.


my yoga story my hanh


One day, I happened to meet my sister retired colleagues, she asked for my health and knew my illness. Previously she also had knee pain, cannot go up the stairs upstairs, thanks to yoga now she was able to step down and up the stairs briskly. She advised me to Vyoga to register, hear advice and practice.


my yoga story my hanh


I went to Vyoga on the 9th floor of Becamex Tower and also since then I have been very fond of yoga. The teacher advised me very meticulously, showing me exercises for beginners, giving me some exercises to improve back and knee pain, avoiding exercises for back and aching knee

I started practicing yoga.


my yoga story my hanh


In the first week of practice, my arms and shoulders ached. I ask yogis to the consultant, yogis explained enthusiastically and I am confident to continue to practice. Every afternoon, after work, I went to the practice room, where the yogis correct the postures for me and my classmates.

Time passed quickly, for two years I have practiced yoga. Thanks to yoga I got better, my arms and legs did not ache. I travel swiftly, lightly; Mentally comfortable without having to take medication every day. Old friends meet again, I look healthy, fresh, young more than before. Even my best friend who met me every day told me that I was the happiest, the most loved since she knew me so far. I laughed and said, "You like me to do yoga?" My mother smiled. "I see yoga is effective, your back is straight now, it no longer bent" (before my upper back was bent).


my yoga story my hanh


It is true that yoga is very effective! yoga has brought me a healthy body with a spirit of mind, love life. Vyoga helps me full of vitality. Now my pleasure is to go to yoga class every day.


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