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My Yoga Story - Ngo Thi Hien Anh

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For me, Yoga is not just 2 hours of practicing every day. Yoga is a journey to find the confidence that I have lost in daily life. I have been to Yoga for a year. Also a year, I realized that this life that besides the family and work, there is much passion.



From the early days, I realized that yoga is my forte that I find joy in every posture, every minute I practice.

Every day I come to yoga class with joy and passion. I even stay up after practicing to train myself with my friends to share the love with Yoga or sometimes I practice alone. For advanced postures, I and my group often share images, video clips on the yoga newspapers, Pinterest, and other online sources. And we practice a little bit each day, not hurry, and do not have any pressure.



The first posture that I conquer after 3 months was chaturanga. Chaturanga is not a difficult move or need flexibility, but to make it perfect for someone who has never played sports or practice exercise like me is not simple. Be tired but I laugh happily. Then turn to the advanced poses: crow, banana, flying lizard, pigeon, scorpion,...

Most recently, wishing to experience different types of yoga, I went to Go Vap to try a yoga class that called curiously: Anti-Gravity Yoga. It is a new and exciting experience.



Whenever I make a difficult pose, I feel like a hero, feeling myself overcome myself is really worth experiencing.

I am happy to recognize the positive changes both physically and mentally. The body becomes more balanced, even I feel more resistance, no longer sick. The spirit is radiant and young, despite some trouble in life I still retain the steady mind. Friends complimented me younger, new acquaintances can't guess I was 36 years old and had two children. And importantly, I have a comfortable and strong mind in life because I live with my passion.


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