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My Yoga Story Bui Xuan Anh

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"Your case is so strange, your blood fat is 16 times higher than normal people, if I have time, I will send your medical record to doctor abroad to the research experts, now he's hospitalized urgently!” This is doctor's comment four years ago, when firstly, I went to a general examination after a long time living with fatigue, anger, tinnitus, dizziness, pain, ... that year I am 43 years old, my business is stable, no cigarettes, no alcohol, no obesity, living happily with my wife and 2 good children, but suffer from a lipid disorder.

For four years, my life was always worrying when there are sudden deaths every day due to stroke, heart attack ... I think about the future of my wife and two children. Four years stick with medicine, diet, tennis ... but my blood fat indicator is still up and down erratic, not always stable. Perhaps the feeling of the scare of death is also one of the causes of my blood fat is constantly disorder.

Then, one Sunday afternoon, my wife invited me to see yoga classes at a nearby center and advised me to try it. Sports aren't stranger to me, swimming, football, badminton, tennis ... I played when I was young, but I never thought about this type of static sports. After visiting a Vyoga center, watching the news of the founder, I quickly nodded in agreement with my wife.



The next day, my wife quickly registered a two-month course for both, with the intention to "try it!" In the first time, we were fortunate to attend a meditation class that organized by Master Vishwa (Founder of Vyoga World),  a young man is calm, friendly, and successful in the foreign. That makes me admire him more.

We quickly get used to the Yoga poses without difficulty,  because of the enthusiasm of the Yogis, and the body is also familiar with sports for so long. We are fascinated and diligent to participate in all the classes, go to center regularly every day, have excited conversation and talk about Yoga, every day "dating" to practice Yoga, what time? where?... dizziness, numbness, tinnitus, pain in the back of my neck ... are symptoms firstly disappear, I feel my health improving and especially the spirit, the feeling of the scare of death is no longer in my mind, I am confident and happy living every day.



Then my periodic examination also came, I was a little nervous because I put a lot of faith, hope for yoga, feeling good is just feeling, today I tested blood, and the numbers will not be the feeling, it is the truth, how will it? If the index is still the same, I will feel so down, 70 days I tried every day, not to take a break …

In the end, I want to use these picture to replace our happiness. Today is the 100th day we came to Vyoga, also the deadline for submitting My yoga story, and especially the Vietnamese Teacher's Day on 20/11 is approaching. Vietnamese tradition we use this day to express gratitude to the teachers, teachers who have contributed their effort and talent to the masses. We would like to borrow this article as a gratitude to the teachers come from the mystic Indian. Thank you for bringing this precious sport to Vietnam and many countries in the world to enhance life quality.


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