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My Yoga Story - Bui Thi Hai Yen

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I came to Vyoga World at the recommendation of my sister who was practicing at Go Vap branch. Before coming here, I am quickly worried because my house was far from the center and I had a lot of diseases. It is not too serious, but illness also affects a lot of social work and my life.



I have had years of hallucinations, ankylosing spondylitis, varicose veins, and by the middle of 2016, I am constantly suffering from angina, dry cough, body fatigue, poor sleep I went to a large hospital in the city and my doctor concluded: open cardiac valves, systolic dysfunction. The doctor's advice does not carry heavy weight, do not exercise strongly, avoid psychological agitation, should choose the light sport.

So, when my sister introduced Vyoga Word and her feeling, I decided to apply for training, when I came to the Center,  customer department takes care of me carefully, and Master Vishwa-CEO consulted on the disease as well as the training regime.



I chose the first package is yogi & I - yoga therapy for heart, under the guidance of yogi Vishal, the first days of practicing I was very tired, the whole body ache, but using medicine and combine to practice Yoga, my health is improved. I feel very happy and ask myself why I did not come to the class sooner. Near the end of the yoga course, I felt better so I went to class with the other members.

I just feel that yoga is a part of my life, I love yoga because yoga has made me change not only physique but also the mind, my husband and children are always cheering when I practice yoga. My husband says that I change very much, always laugh, say more, and gentle better. My daughter told that since I have practiced yoga, my skin was better than her.



The happiest I have is better health, the body is firm, some dresses that I can't swear before because it is tight, now, it is used again. Yoga is my belief, and I thanks to Yogis sincerely, wish you good health, always bring to our members good and rewarding exercises.

I wish every member of Vyoga World always accompany with yoga to have HEALTH and BEAUTY. Wishing Vyoga World has more and more branches, to welcome all future members.


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