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Full Moon Meditation

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At the full moon, spiritual energies are uniquely available, making meditation during this time especially potent. We’ll take advantage of these energies as we do a gentle, heart opening yoga set to prepare us for meditation. Then we’ll harness the energies of the moon, the light of the sun that is being reflected by the moon, and direct this energy for healing.


full moon meditation thien nen


Based on medical research here are some of the benefits of this meditation:

+ Reduces stress

+ Improves memory

+ Enhances brain blood flow

+ Improves brain chemistry and telomerase

+ Less depression and improves sleep


full moon meditation thien nen


From the Yogic point of view we can add few more benefits such as: overall brain balance, intuition, enhanced aura, clears karma, stimulates the pineal, pituitary gland and hypothalamus.


full moon meditation thien nen





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