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Detox Workshop

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Do you know that illnesses that occur inside the body are many times more common than those that occur? While we bath at least once time a day, Your internal organs from birth to the last minute of life are never properly washed.


Old Yogis whose practices have shown that the cleanliness of the whole body from the outside to the inner organs has a positive effect to your health.


detox workshop


Imagine, a water pipe, every day even if clean water flows through the sediment will also deposit in the tube. So our digestive system is a 20, 30, 40 years old filtered untreated. Outside of how clean we are, the inside of us is filled with so much residue that has accumulated over the years and that is the cause of a series of illnesses.

• Esophagitis

• stomach acid

• Stomach ulcers

• stomach virus

• Difficulty breathing, flatulence

• Constipation, diarrhea

• Poor digestion

• Hemorrhoids

• ...

detox workshop


Gastrointestinal illnesses are a precursor to the formation of polydips and lead to gastrointestinal cancers - the most common type of cancer and the highest mortality rate ever. At the same time, the toxins that exist inside this body are also the cause of aging skin, acne, obesity, poor digestion leads to insomnia, psychological depression, not flexible ...


In Yoga there is a discipline of yoga called "Kriya" - Purification of the body for all the organs that the external force can affect. Shankhapraksha is considered as a purifying agent that cleanses the body's largest organ system - DOSAGE. The shape of the two syllables "Shankha" means that the nacreous, "Praksha" means to clean completely. It describes wiping away plaque from the entire intestinal tract like a clean towel.


detox workshop


➡ The class is specially designed to help you clean up all the dirt inside your body. Since then, the body is full of energy, light and healthy.


+ This form of purification is only conducted under the guidance of experienced coaches.

+ Can be used up to 6 months

For the best performance of the course, you will need to follow the instructor's instructions carefully 1 day before and 1 week after the session.



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