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Anti Gravity Yoga

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Anti Gravity Yoga is the weightless yoga classes. This is one of special yoga classes in Vyoga World center, are created by Master Vishwa_Founder of Vyoga World Center. All movements don't effect from Earth's gravity.


Now, it is the most favourite class due to its originality and newness. Different from normal yoga classes, Anti Gravity Yoga is practiced on silk cloth hanged on the wall, that support the people can do the spiral movements, upside down movements or bend movements . This class is good for your body and spirit.


anti gravity yoga


 Anti Gravity Yoga is ideal for relieving age-related aches and pains, it helps fine tune the body’s balance and alignment, releases ‘happy hormones,' enhances self-esteem, fast-tracks flexibility and offers a unique sensation of flying. Highly recommended.


anti gravity yoga


It’s great fun and surprisingly easy to practice, offering an abundance of therapeutic benefits – from bringing relief from tension and stress to encouraging blood circulation, lengthening the spine, and improving flexibility and strength. 


This class is suitable for advanced levels and the people who have practiced yoga for long time and wanna experience completely excited feeling.




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